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YINGMEI DUAN, Sleeping (2004, 2012) Photo Linda Nylind


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The Art Section
Published by The Art Section, Inc.

March 2013
(Volume VII, Number 3) 

Deanna Sirlin
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

Philip Auslander

Evelyn Saleh

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Women Artists Profiles by Deanna Sirlin

An ongoing series of articles profiling living American women artists. To date, the following articles have appeared. Although they are no longer available online, they will soon appear in expanded form in Deanna Sirlin's forthcoming book She's Got What It Takes: Dialogues with Contemporary American Women Artists. If you would like to pre-order this book at a discounted price, please contact The Art Section at

"Taking the Ball and Running: A Studio Visit with Louise Fishman"

"Life is Art: A Studio Visit with Pat Steir"

"Betty Woodman"

"A Visit with Ursula Von Rydingsvard"

"Joan Snyder: A Studio Visit"

"Jane Freilicher"

"Laurie Simmons"

"Topkapi Meets Soho: A Visit with Joyce Kozloff"

"Elaine Reichek: The Thread"

"Tending the Garden: A Studio Visit with Jennifer Bartlett"

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