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We would like to take the occasion of our Fourth Anniversary to specifically thank the Fulton County (Georgia) Arts Council for their continued support over the  course of our existence. It is no exaggeration to say that we could not produce The Art Section without the support of our local government.

The Fulton County Arts Council is supported by the taxpayers, whose continued commitment to funding the arts locally is much appreciated. The citizens of Fulton County are represented by those they elect to the Fulton County Commission. The Commissioners play an active role in the funding process, and the work they do to see to it that Fulton County remains at the forefront in its support of culture and the arts is also much appreciated. The grant program through which we have received funding is overseen by a marvelous staff of professionals whose attention to detail, good humor, and willingness to help with the application process in all its phases make it all go smoothly.

We've enjoyed working with Fulton County and the Arts Council for four years and look forward to many more years of collaboration ahead.