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Lucinda Bunnen. All images courtesy of

Lucinda Bunnen: Photographer


Text by Deanna Sirlin

Video by Danielle Roney


Lucinda Bunnen is a remarkable photographer and  art collector. Born in 1930, she raised a family in Atlanta. Her career as a photographer began in 1970 when she made a  silent Super-8 movie  in Peru while on vacation with her family. Soon after that she started taking photography courses. Lucinda  Bunnen has pursued her vision in photography for the last forty-one years. 

I wrote about an exhibition of Bunnen's work last year for Creative Loafing:

From Hatcher’s Pond is a suite of large-scale digitally printed photos. The photos show a dense, primeval blue-gray pond with lotus plants sticking out of its reflective surface. The forms emerging from the water suggest both Cy Twombly’s painted marks and Andre Masson’s automatic drawings. The linear black plants evoke the hand of a master calligrapher working in brush and ink. The effect is dreamy, and recallssurrealist painter Yves Tanguy’s black biomorphic forms rising out of the primordial muck.

Atlanta-based artist Danielle Roney has made a video oral history of Bunnen's life and work. We present an excerpt from it here; the entire project can be seen here.


Danielle Roney is an Atlanta artist working in digital media.

Portfolio of Work   

Lucinda Bunnen, Hatcher's Pond, #1 - 7 2010       








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