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Complete Index, Vols I-IV (2007-2010)

Larry Jens Anderson

"A Remembrance of Things TABOO"

Philip Auslander

"The Artist's Presentation of Self: Annie Leibovitz at the High Museum"

“Walking in Münster: On Skulptur Projekte Münster 07

“The NEW World of Coca-Cola

“An Interview with Paul Pfeiffer”

"The History of Rock Music in the 1970s, Or, Whatever Happened to Glam?"

"Keep On Truckin' 'N' Crossin': A Meditation on Cultural Miscegenation"

"Big Boi Ballet"

"A Look Back at Brian De Palma's The Phantom of the Paradise"

Paint and Performance: Mark Scala”

Staging the Exhibition: Elmgreen & Dragset's The Collectors”

“An Interview with Edwards + Johann”

“Too Old to Rock ‘N’ Roll: The Rolling Stones as Aging Rockers

Missed Connections: Performance, Art, and Popular Culture

“Gary Glitter, Rock ‘n’ Roll Vulgarian: Rock Music and the Concept of Taste”

Michel Batlle

Antoni Tapies: The Painting, An Object”

Is the “New” Still New? An Interview with Ben Vautier

Dina Behlke

“A Writer’s Zone”


“Pixação SP: A Photo Essay”

Roger Copeland

“The Unrecovered: A Film”

Danielle Deadwyler

"Candied Beauty," A Poem

Andrew Dietz

"Paradox Lost: How I learned to stop worrying and embrace exploitation"  

An Interview with Michael Rooks

Jennifer Cody Epstein

"On Painting Pan Yuliang (Or: On Not Writing What You Know)”

Jon Erickson

"The Use and Abuse of the Term 'Experimental' in Art and Performance”

Peter Frank

"The Sound and the Theory: Intermedia as Construct, Intermedia as Category”

"Worlds in Flux: A Transcendence of Ideology, An Ideology of Transcendence"

Jason Freeman

"What I Listen To"

Daniele Frison
“A video essay on the 52nd Venice Biennale”

“A Video Essay on Zaha Hadid's Dune Formations”

Giuseppe Gavazza

 "The Contemporaneity of Music"

 “On sound at the Venice Biennale

“Scoreless Audio Works”

"Invisible Music”

"Pictures of an Exhibition”

"Art Without Logos"

"Slave to the Rhythm: In Praise of Slowness" 

“Music/art have never been static: A brief dialogue with Carlo Fossati”

“World New Symphony N. 1”

“Sonorous Architecture”

Glenn Goldberg

"My Job: Painter"

U. Aldridge Hansberry

“A Road Less Traveled”

Cinqué Hicks

"Code Z, Arts Reporting, and the End of Black Art”

"Inroads: Nina Katchadourian and the Bedevilment of Space”

George Hornbein

"A New Museum for Denver"

"Harry Callahan”

Stuart Horodner

“Go Ask Alice”

David Humphrey

"Blind Handshake"

Laura Hunt

"Creative Time's Waiting for Godot: An Interview with Curatorial Assistant Shane Brennan”

Mike Jensen

A Photo Essay”

Michael Klein

Grace Hartigan (1922 - 2008): An Appreciation”

“Sol LeWitt: A Wall Drawing Restrospective at MASS MoCA”

“Mel Bochner: Two Recent Books and Other Thoughts”

“That's Ms. Neel”


“Born to Make Things Up... or why I'll stop improvising only when they pry it from my cold dead sticks”

Jonathan Lerner

"Alex Underground"

Anna Leung

“Cycles & Seasons: Cy Twombly at Tate Modern"  

Miró, Calder, Giacometti and Braque: Aimé Maeght and his Artists at The Royal Academy”

“Francis Bacon: A Portrait of the Artist”

Mark Rothko: The Late Series”

Futurism 100! at the Estorick Collection”

Picasso: Challenging the Past at the National Gallery”

“Heaven and Earth: Richard Long at Tate Britain”

“Pop Life: Art in a Material World at Tate Modern”

Ed Ruscha: Fifty Years of Painting”)

“Arshile Gorky at Tate Modern”

“Richard Hamilton: Modern Moral Manners at the Serpentine Gallery”

“Henry Moore at Tate Britain”

“Gauguin: Maker of Myth”

Jeremy Lewison

“Alice Neel Now”

Ken Lum

“To Say or Not To Say”

Frederic Maintenant

“Interior Exile”

Steve McKenzie

“The 53rd Venice Biennale: A Photo Essay”

James Meyer

“Bochner's Measurement Series”

Michael Nentwich

"Letter from Berlin"

John Perreault

“A New Paradigm for Art”  

Floriana Piqué

Steve McQueen finds the essence of the Sublime in the sheer insubstantiality of a raindrop”

“Reflecting on Anish Kapoor”

K: The Dramaturgy of the Labyrinth”

Candace Randle

“Beyond the Artistic Veil: An Interview with Renee Stout”

Francis Raven

“Aesthetic Conjectures: Poems”

Christina Roiter

Two Perspectives on the São Paulo Bienal

"Rio Vs. São Paulo: Rivals or Complementary?"

Pichação at the São Paulo Bienal: Art or Crime?”

“The Death of Parangolé: Hélio Oiticica and the Problem of Preservation”

Danielle Roney

“Locational Identity: Thermostat at Art Basel/Miami”

David Schuster

“Poems from the Cuba Libre Series”

Meredith Sims

Deanna Sirlin

“Stendahl Me!”

“Two Perspectives on the São Paulo Bienal”

“An interview: Tejo Remy

"Perspective: An Interview with Michael Klein"

"Not so Carefree--Anne Truitt: An Appreciation"

“Paris: The New Gallerists”

“The Art Pilgrimage”

“Two Lives/Two Cities: An Interview with Amy Worthen”

September in France

“’Quelle Catastrophe!’ An Interview with Sylvie Fortin

 “Truth in Painting: Robert Ryman at the Phillips Collection

“Taking the Ball and Running: A Studio Visit with Louise Fishman”

“Life is Art: A Studio Visit with Pat Steir”

Robert Stalker

“Chantal Akerman at the Camden Arts Centre”

Re-making the Readymade: American Artists Circa 1958”

“Screen Memories: The Cinema of Joseph Cornell”

“Thresholds of Vision: Mel Bochner and the Space of Painting”

“Intersections: The Films of William S. Burroughs”

Surrealism, Photography, and The Secret Life of the City

“Touching the Void: Yves Klein at the Hirshhorn”

“Dali’s Late Work at the High Museum”

Shepherd Steiner
“On Curation at Documenta XII

H. Cecilia Suhr

"Music With A View: Jane Rigler's To Painting"

Monica Trevisan

“Calatrava's Walkway Of Light: A New Bridge For Venice”

Imren Tüzün

Walking on the Sea: A Video

Martin Vosswinkle

“Color Mobiles' in Berlin"

 Harry J. Weil

Reduce, Reuse, Re-perform”


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